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KAU is located in Myronivka, approximately 100 kilometers south of Kyiv. The history of PJSC “KYIV-ATLANTIC UKRAINE” (KAU) begins in June 1992, when the first business transaction was carried out – the barter of diesel fuel for fodder peas and the export of peas to Germany. After half a year, 40 traders worked in the company. In May 1995, KAU made a partnership agreement and became the first Ukrainian agricultural project of the EBRD.

Currently KAU is a part of “Svit-Agro” Group.

As of now, KAU is an innovative center for the processing of oil and grain crops and consists of:

  • Oil extraction plant with a production capacity of 1,000 t/day for soybean seeds and 750 t/day for rapeseed;;
  • An elevator with a storage capacity of 42,500 tons;
  • Combined feed plant with a capacity of 70,000 tons (bulk) / 35,000 tons (packaged feed) per year, built according to advanced European technology;
  • A production and technological laboratory certified according to ISO 17025:2019 quality standards, which contains state-of-the-art devices for testing, including a gas chromatograph;

KAU has passed certification according to quality standards of:

  • HACCP (ISO 22000:2018);
  • GMP+ B1 (production, trade and services);
  • Kosher

We have been working with local farmers for over 20 years, building our reputation as a reliable partner.

To provide animals and poultry in Ukraine and throughout the world with high-quality vegetable proteins

To produce high-quality products that will exceed customer expectations

Our values
Technological equipment from the world's leading companies: Andreotti Impianti S.p.A., Siemens, Bühler, Harburg-Freudenberger, Maschinenbau GmbH, Tecnal and Ukrainian companies producing granulation, transport and container equipment: ICK Group (Grantech), Lubnymash.
We provide confidence in long-term cooperation, controlling quality at every stage of production (reception, storage, processing, production and shipment). We have own refereed, automated laboratory and official state veterinarian in the state.
Able to achieve results that exceed customer expectations.
We know down to the last grain what we are doing, starting and adjusting processes with our own resources without outside help, receiving only professional comments from equipment manufacturers.
We produce high-quality products to meet the vegetable protein needs of our beloved animals and poultry
We are not afraid to open a plant during a full-scale Russian invasion, because we believe in Our victory;
We provide jobs and support the economy of Ukraine by paying taxes responsibly;
We help Ukrainian farmers and agricultural enterprises to store, process and export grain
We buy grain and oil crops for the purpose of processing, increasing their added value within Ukraine;
We buy grain
Grain treatment and storage
Grain treatment and storage

A member of AGROLIFE GmbH business family, KYIV-ATLANTIC UKRAINE (KAU) is a modern gr…

Compound feed production
Compound feed production


Compound feed
Compound feed

We produce compound feeds either on toll-processing or on order basis